EMC-P is a braided tubular sheath of tinned copper mixed with polyester monofilament. This sleeve is particularly designed for shielding and abrasion protection of bundles of electrical cables. Because of its two components, EMC-P takes its technology to screened cables: the mechanical and electrical functions are clearly separated. The EMI shielding is provided by the thin tinned copper strands while flexibility, abrasion resistance, etc… are provided by the PET monofilament. The diameter differences between copper strands and PET yarns, allow, in case of abrasion, an optimum protection of tinned copper and shielding. PET will be attack first. Its shape makes it easy to install while taking up significant differences in cross sections, elbows, etc. For effective shielding, both ends must be grounded and termination can be made by clip, ferrule, and connectors. EMC-P  can cover all diameters from 4 to over 35 mm, is used in a lot of industries which need cable shielding protection like automotive (hybrid car, xenon lamp…), shipbuilding, rail vehicle,  aeronautic.Supplied in coils or cut to length, EMC-P  is an efficient and esthetic solution to protect your electrical cables. EMC-P  is a patented product.



▶ Expandable sleeve
▶ Material approved V0 as per UL 94 standard
▶ Excellent abrasion resistance
▶ Excellent cutting resistance
▶ Lightweight
▶ Insensitive to condensation and fungus


▶ Protection of bundles of cables
▶ No fire environment
▶ Public transport
▶ Aircraft
▶ Telecommunications
▶ Underground areas