TWIST-SW-FR is a self-wrapping weaved sleeve made up of  saturated flame retardant polyester multifilaments and monofilament. Working with this product is non aggressive for hands, and the smooth texture is pleasant to feel. The self-wrapping treatment allows for TWIST-SW-FR fast and easy sheath laying and taking up for assembly or maintenance. The self-wrapping sheath is usually used when electrical harness is already done with its terminals and connectors. Its shape makes it easy to install while taking up significant differences in cross sections, elbows, connections, etc. TWIST-SW-FR can cover all diameters from 4 to over 38 mm.  It is mainly used in railway industries for cables protection. Supplied in coils or cut pieces*, TWIST-SW-FR is an economic, efficient and esthetic solution to protect your electrical cables.    *cut pieces minimum length : 100 mm Standard colour : Black with white tracer Assembly recommendation : TWIST-SW-FR should be tied at intervals if continuous working temperature exceeds +110°C.


▶ Quick and easy installation
▶ Self wrapping product
▶ Excellent abrasion resistance
▶ Non-halogen
▶ Vibrations protection
▶  Impacts protection
▶ Lightweight


▶ Cables bundle protection
▶ Railway
▶ Electronic industry
▶ Electrotechnic industry